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~ Wednesday, October 15 ~

Watch This Guy Play Three Classic N64 Games At The Same Time, And Beat Them In Less Than An Hour

Speedrunning mastermind Karl Jobst has played Goldeneye, Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time at the same time, and has completed them all in under an hour. This is actually insane.

Using three standard N64 consoles & controllers, Jobst times all the situations to perfection: completing levels in Goldeneye while cutscenes in Zelda play out, leading to a total time of 51 minutes. 

I know speedruns are never necessarily the most thrilling things to watch, but this will blow your mind.

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~ Thursday, October 9 ~

Paper Airplane Machine Gun [video]


Paper Airplane Machine Gun [video]

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~ Wednesday, September 24 ~

Liam Neeson Returns In ‘Tak3n’

Liam Neeson is back with his particular set of skills, which now includes l33t speak as Taken 3 (known as ‘Tak3n’) has been announced. Way to take the h1gh-ground of integrity there, Qui-Gon Jinn.

After going on record to say “he can’t see” another Taken movie being made after the disappointing second iteration, Liam Neeson has returned to what must have been the sweet sound of a hefty cheque. 

Taking the formula of ‘Taken’ without any actual “taking” this time around, retired CIA agent Bryan Mills (Neeson) is framed for the murder of someone close to him, leading to law enforcement’s pursuit of him. Forest Whitaker takes the lead role of the officer chasing him, while Maggie Grace returns as Bryan’s daughter.

That name though… Not sure I can get over that. It’s already apparent to anyone who saw the destruction of the franchise in the space of one movie made commercial to the public, that we aren’t looking forward to it, and that usually doesn’t make it ‘news’ in the realm of NRM. However, if Hollywood is beginning to pick up on the hackers language of the 1980s and more recently by WoW users, we have a duty to ensure compliance across the industry.

(Source: USA Today)

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~ Sunday, September 21 ~

Welcome Back. We’ve Missed You

It’s been a long time in the making.

One all-encompassing transition in life, one failed relationship, one personal realisation of self-loathe and one recognition of transformation. All has led me on a rather cyclical journey through lacking the energy to focus on keeping this alive, bordering on surrender & killing New Rising Media, and the understanding that my own ambitions for this has changed.

Simply put on this, the third anniversary of this website, I can confirm with re-ignited energy and passion that New Rising Media is not dead, it’s simply evolving. And if I may be given a moment of your time, dear reader, I would like to explain what this evolution means for what you will see here from now on.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

What is the ‘new’ New Rising Media?

As you may have spotted from previous content, this change was spoken about a lot without much specificity, meaning (without a more blunt way of stating this) I had no idea. My masterful procrastination had the best of me to the point where I can talk about making the effort, but never actually do so. Many of you also know what this is like, and many of my friends had plenty of advice to kick this habit. None worked, as I posted a second blog outlining a poorly thought-out plan for the return of NRM with no intention thereafter to carry on.

My priorities changed, and what inspired me had changed, meaning that the status quo bored me to the point where there was no point in writing about it. The goals were antiquated, so it’s time for a much needed update. However, contrary to what my initial belief was, this change of strategic intent has not equated to the paradigm shift in content topics and tone of voice. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I have a firm belief that an innovation culture has the ability to capture an entire generation, and propel this planet forward into the future. It’s not just a buzzword used by businessmen pitching an idea, while giving off too strong of an odour of aftershave. Key moments can be plotted throughout history, irregardless of the ulterior motives behind them, that have connected us all, crossed borders of race or gender, and made us dream; even if for that one solitary moment.

Does this move us toward a positive future for us? I don’t know, and the fact nobody has a definitive answer to that question both excites and terrifies me. But through exploring the crossing point between technological innovation and liberal arts, it is a question that I aim to pursue with New Rising Media.

We have and will continue to discover what fascinates us as human beings in the areas of technology, science, music, movies & games, while indulging the pure fact that we are simply a bunch of nerds writing about what we love. 

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~ Monday, July 21 ~

Procrastination Is A Bitch. Resurrection Is Tricky

With yet another month passing with no posting, it is time to kick the procrastination bug that many of you will be familiar with.

The difficulty is generic in the sense of its original issues: the balance of work & life, personal problems and time consumption with other pressing matters, leading to the general desire to binge on Netflix over anything productive. General reparations have been underway in my life since Download Festival, which was enjoyable in some areas while eye-opening in others, providing a new perspective of the people I know and myself.

If there is one key lesson I have learnt from these past 30 days, except for the obvious ones (takeaway Nando’s is a gift from God, England never apply pressure onto the opposition in any World Cup situation, in terms of metal musicality SiKTH continue to be ahead of fellow bands within the genre (even after being apart for the best part of 8 years)), it’s that talking about or making excuses for yourself is secondary, as your actions have already spoke the truth.

My reasons for procrastinating, as well as your own in whatever situation you may find yourself in, are all excuses. You know exactly who you are and what you need to do to move beyond that mental block. It’s not going to be easy, but it simply must be done. The moment you realise this, the opportunistic actions of your former self, the better traits of your personality and the comfort in solitude while focussing on your passions will return.

I wish the answer was clearer, as my multitude of Google searches into the areas of ‘moving on’ and ‘not procrastinating’ will prove, but it just comes with time; the duration of which can be controlled rather easily with your own determination, irregardless of the steps many wikihow articles tell you to take.

With this self-discovery, it would just be idiotic to not share with you, dear reader, and make a weekly list of what apps/songs/techniques/etc help absolve me of procrastination. Look forward to the first installment of “Kill Procrastination” on Monday 28th July. Beyond this, I am working with two new contributors to bring some regularity to posting on here, and to help with some exciting new ideas (put simply, podcast).

My trust in people and faith in myself may have deteriorated since recently, but this is no excuse to procrastinate from my passion, and neither should you let the errors of others get in between you and the pursuit of your aspirations.

New writers. New videos. New beginning. Let’s do this.

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~ Monday, March 10 ~

Robotic Prosthetic Arm Turns Man Into Superhuman Cyborg Drummer

Drummer Jason Barnes was electrocuted two years ago, which resulted in the amputation of his right arm below the elbow. To most, this would be the end of any dreams of drumming; but thanks to a robotic prosthetic he has achieved his lifelong goal with superhuman ability.

Initially making his own makeshift device to be able to still drum, Barnes soon partnered with professor Gil Weinberg of Georgia Institute of Technology, somebody well known in the area for building a band of robotic musicians. The result of this partnership is what is known as the ‘robotic drumming prosthesis.’

The drummer essentially becomes a cyborg.

So how does it work? The prosthetic consists of two drumsticks: one which is controlled by physical human movement and a process called electromyography to read his upper arm muscles. When Barnes tenses his muscles, a signal is sent to the small motor that holds the drumsticks. 

The second drumstick is not directly controlled by Barnes, rather it listens to the music being played and improvises. Best put in a comment by Professor Weinberg, “the second drumstick has a mind of its own. The drummer essentially becomes a cyborg. It’s interesting to see him playing and improvising with part of his arm that he doesn’t totally control.”

Of course, as is something you may have guessed from the headline, this robotic setup has given Barnes a slight advantage over normal human drummers. Using two sticks at once gives him a particular edge in key areas such as complex jazz beats. A chip embedded into the system allows the second stick to hear the music being played, and add a complimentary improvisation.

Beyond this, the synchronicity between robot and human found here has plenty of future uses. One example that Weinberg makes is using the anticipation algorithms in space to help astronauts complete complex tasks in synchronisation with robots.

But for right now, you can’t help but smile in fascination at the unlocking potential of helping someone achieve a dream taken away from them. “I’ll bet a lot of metal drummers might be jealous of what I can do now,” Barnes said. “Speed is good. Faster is always better.”


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~ Thursday, March 6 ~

Turn Your iPhone Into A Bacon-Scented Alarm Clock With This Meaty Accessory

Meat producer Oscar Mayer is giving iOS users a chance to wake up and smell the bacon with this app and iPhone dongle, enabling users to torture themselves every morning with the scent of this meat of the Gods.

Named ‘Wake up and smell the Bacon’ (convenient title), the dongle plugs into the headphone socket and emits the sound & smell of sizzling bacon to wake people up…or torture yourself with the empty promise of a fry up. 

“With nearly two million mentions of #bacon on Instagram, it seems people never get tired of bacon. That’s why our team decided to develop a device to give folks what they long for most,” said Tom Bick, senior director of integrated marketing and advertising at Oscar Mayer in a statement. “As the category leader, Oscar Mayer is thrilled to bring the first-ever, bacon-scented mobile device to market, giving bacon aficionados a new reason to welcome their morning alarm clocks.”

So the question is simple, how do I get my hands on this perfect infusion of technology and bacon? Well…you can’t buy it. The only way you can get one is to enter a competition in the U.S.A. Trust me, we’re just as frustrated as you! Hopefully Oscar Mayer gets the point and commercialises this.

But for now, here’s to the best bacon-related idea you will hear today.

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~ Saturday, December 21 ~

Canadian Researchers Send A Text Message Using Only Vodka And A Fan

York University researchers in Canada have managed to send a text message using vodka and a desk fan. In the experiment conducted.

A whole new meaning to the words “drunk text.”

In the conducted experiment, they assigned different concentration levels of vodka to represent bits 1 and 0, effectively encoding the entire alphabet using a string of vodka at varying strengths. This signal was then sprayed 12 feet across a room and decoded by a receiver, which measured the increase and decrease of alcohol concentration. Once interpreted, the varying levels spelled out “O Canada.”

So why did they do this? Besides something to show off about, Professor Andrew Eckford, the study’s conductor, concludes that chemical signals can reach areas wireless signals cannot, such as underground or in pipelines. Plants and animals use a transfer of molecules like this (not with alcohol, but pheromones) to transmit messages over a long range. And we could eventually see this being used to target cancer cells, as Eckford’s partner researcher Dr. Weisi Guo from the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick suggested.

"They can also be used to communicate on the nano scale, for example in medicine where recent advances mean it’s possible to embed sensors into the organs of the body or create miniature robots to carry out a specific task such as targeting drugs to cancer cells," he comments.

While this seems far-fetched on the surface, to go from a vodka-infused text to cancer relief, molecular communication is biocompatible and requires little energy. It doesn’t seem that much of a stretch for the near future.

Either that or they’ve just revolutionised the SMS.

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~ Wednesday, November 13 ~

MIT Invents Shapeshifting Display. Reach Through And Touch Someone

MIT has invented and shown off a “Dynamic Shape Display,” which looks prime to be the next step of a touch interface by allowing you to reach out and touch someone (or something). Called inFORM, this display can physically change shape to render 3D content, such as someone reaching through a screen, through the use of a large surface that sits on a series of pins, actuators and linkages.

Using a Kinect sensor, inFORM accurately maps the position of 3D objects, sending the data to a table full of shapeshifting pins to replicate. As demonstrated by MIT, this can even be used remotely over a video conference, showing an amazing-yet-terrifying next step to the technology of video calling.

The video released shows a projector mounted over the surface, giving the shapeshifting pins different colours to highlight depth. Different examples are shown including moving a ball, displaying 3D charts, mirroring the page turns of a book and a rather novel way of your table notifying you about a phonecall.

All fine and good, but what are the actual uses beyond being a pretty innovative Skype gimmick? MIT says it’s exploring “a number of application domains,” in such areas as mapping terrain and visualising CT scans in 3D.

However, this is simply the first step on a long path to what they’re calling Radical Atoms. They believe this to be the future of interactivity, and it has taken them over a decade to get here since first conceptualisation. The idea is pretty simple, a world in which “all digital information has physical manifestation.” To take what the Graphical User Interface (GUI), a form of computer interaction that has not really moved on since inception, and begin to chance that into a tactile user interface (TUI).

It’s an interesting concept, that is shown rather brilliantly here.

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~ Friday, November 8 ~

Star Wars: Episode VII Release Date Confirmed. December 18, 2015

A confirmed release date of December 18th 2015 has been set for Star Wars: Episode VII. The wait is going to be a long one, but it could make for a pretty amazing Christmas. Let’s hope they make the best use of their time.

The news comes after the announcement of a public casting call for two of the film’s main characters. Shooting is scheduled to begin in spring 2014 at Pinewood Studios, and pre-production is already in full swing. 

"We’re very excited to share the official 2015 release date for Star Wars: Episode VII, where it will not only anchor the popular holiday filmgoing season but also ensure our extraordinary filmmaking team has the time needed to deliver a sensational picture,” said Alan Horn, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios.

So far, the minds behind the film are filling me with confidence. J.J. Abrams, following his apology for using too much lens flare, will be directing and writing alongside Lawrence (of Raiders of the Lost Ark fame). Plus John Williams will return to score the soundtrack.
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